Why Our Kids Go To Bed Early

Thankfully our extended family is used to our strange ways by now. But we often get crazy looks when we tell people our kids go to bed by 7:00pm every. single. night. Even when we have company over or attend gatherings. We're always home in time for our kids to settle down and go to … Continue reading Why Our Kids Go To Bed Early


August Homeschool In a Nutshell

Yes, August is usually still summertime. But not in our home. It's the month we decided we'd start homeschooling (Christian Unschooling, to be exact). It's the month we gave our son's Montessori school final notice that he would not be returning for the 2015/16 year. (gasp!) We realized very quickly that our homeschooling style isn't … Continue reading August Homeschool In a Nutshell